About Us

   The Bit Pouch is a Sleek Tool Accessory that fits on most power drill motors and impact drivers. Your most-used driver bits and small drill bits are held inside the zippered pouch. Outside on the front panel the strong neodymium magnet securely holds your screws and hardware, leaving your hands free to work! We created The Bit Pouch to fill the need for a safer way to hold driver bits, screws and hardware while working with a power tool. The Bit Pouch simply straps around the base of the power tool, or you can use the optional accessories to attach The Bit Pouch to an Armband for other projects, you put the screws and driver bits on the outside surface of The Bit Pouch. You take the screws, hardware or driver bits off the surface as you need them. When you done working, simply just place the driver bits back inside The Bit Pouch, and there ready for the next job. No need to search for the bits every time you go to use them! 

JONDY LLC was formed as the result of a visionary plan to develop Tool Enhancement Products. Grady Dagnan Jr., a highly regarded and experienced Commercial Electrical Contractor came up with the idea while working with his son. Climbing up and down ladders all day and searching for the right driver bits, he found a way to “Keep those Bits Close at Hand” and not have a mouth full of screws or hardware. 


Co-founder of Jondy LLC Distributors and President of Grady Electric Inc. Grady Dagnan Jr. brings over 37 years of innovative and creative applications in the ever changing Electrical Construction industry. Always the consummate problem-solver and specializing in cost effective design builds, Grady’s vision of forward thinking has led him to develop THE BIT POUCH which has been proven to have incredible benefits for homeowners and those working in the Construction Trades. Grady is always looking for the most cost effective and efficient ways to meet the client’s and their customer’s needs. He is a self-described perfectionist and will not stop until he has delivered a perfect product to his customers. The toughest issues, and the biggest obstacles, Grady always has a flair for cutting to the heart of it and finding the right solutions. An active outdoorsman, he enjoys camping with his family, riding both his street bike and dirt bike, racing through the desert on his ATV and joining his wife (somewhat reluctantly) on horseback rides. 


Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, Karen Dagnan brings over 25 years of Administrative Management, Finance and Technology related services to the construction trades. This experience, combined with her enthusiastic “Get things done” approach to everyday business endeavors, makes a well-rounded and positive foundation for the success and expansion of an ever changing business world. She is an active member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPC). Capable of wearing any hat the business day requires, Karen’s high energy, great attitude and excellent customer service skills fill the demands of Jondy’s busy operations. Her attention to detail makes for an efficient and productive project assurance for each of Jondy LLC’s clients. In her free time you will find her riding and show-jumping her horses, reading any and all historical novels and trying not to burn the house down while creatively cooking for friends and family. 


As Office Administration Manager, Shirley manages the daily office duties as well as accounting and payroll. Shirley’s extensive background in vendor management keeps us right on track for a fulfilling future!